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LVC Jacket Type 1

LVC Jacket Type 1

This is one of the early Levis design jacket now known as LVC Type 1. It is made in USA. Afdter some wearing and breaking in, it becomes very comfortable to wear!

Ways to season your Levis LVC jeans

There are three ways to break and season your jeans:

My new Berluti messenger bag

My New Berluti messenger bag

I have been looking for a nice messenger bag for a long while. The ideal size for me is one where it can fit an ipad so that when I travel my ipad can be with me. After a long seraching process, I finally managed to find one that I like.The usual online price is Eur 1590 but when bought it as tourists one can have tax refunds of about 7%.

The Berluti is famous for its leather colours with gradation and light versus dark tone.

There are two designs to choose namely the 1. Jour De Change, 2) Jour J

In the end, my preference is for the Jour J bag as it has the special imprint of the wordings. The bag has  no logo and is subtle. even though it is full leather, the overall bag weight is light and even the straps looks solid and soft. There are outer zip and back pocket for putting small cards etc,
Its for those people who know.....